Training Review

Final Training Resources List 

Thank you for your interest in this project. The following PDF iconresource list was developed using processes as described below. In addition, eight online modules were developed and are currently available through Trainlink or the Minnesota DirectCourse Training Program as linked content. The training program is called: The Minnesota Department of Human Services Online Training Program in Person and Family-Centered Approaches in Mental Health and Co-Occurring Disorders.

The lessons that are part of this training program include:

Lesson #1: The Context of Person and Family-Centered Practices in Mental Health Services in Minnesota

Lesson #2: The Journey to a New Vision

Lesson #3: Cultural Responsiveness

Lesson #4: Support for Relationships and Valued Social Roles

Lesson #5: Supporting People with Mandated Services and Choice Limits

Lesson #6: Individual Practices that Support Person and Family-Centered Approaches

Lesson #7: Organizational Practices that Support Person and Family-Centered Approaches

Lesson #8: Engaging in System and Community Level Changes

Training Identification Process

As part of this work a scan of current training opportunities and resources available to support person and family-centered practices in the mental health and behavioral health community is being conducted. The purpose of this activity is to identify those materials and training options that will be helpful to Mental Health Targeted Case Managers (MH-TCM) or professionals with similar roles apply person-centered practices. When they are made available the materials or training options will be reviewed using the Training and Resource Review Tool (formerly called the Crosswalk Review) as outlined below. Training options or resources that are likely to be very useful to professionals in these roles appear in the resources section of this website.  If you know of training options or resources that you believe should be reviewed for this purpose please contact: Darin Helt at

Training or resources that will be considered for review must be available to MH-TCM in Minnesota (or can be easily made available). They will also include one or more the criteria listed here:

    • They substantially subscribe to one or more of the core functions of assessment, planning, referral/linkage and monitoring/coordination in human services in a person-centered way. 
    • They are designed specifically for MH-TCM to help them apply person-centered practices.
    • They explicitly teach person-centered practices or approaches in mental health and/or behavioral health services. 
    • They do not explicitly use the terms “person-centered or family-centered” but have a focus on services in mental/behavioral health as related to the core functions listed above that align with these practices (holistic, inclusive, recovery-focused, self-directed, trauma-informed, and/or culturally responsive.)   
    • Others that would seem likely to substantially prepare a MH-TCM to implement person and family-centered practices in their roles. 

Training and Resource Review Tool (formerly the Crosswalk Review)

A crosswalk for review of training options and resources has been developed to help identify the extent to which each training option or resource would be helpful to MH-TCM in applying the expectations of the PCICTP. The crosswalk helps ensure that reviewers consider key areas that are important to the target audience. They consider the extent that the materials would be useful to MH-TCM in implementing person and family-centered practices in their core functions of assessment, planning, referral/linkage and monitoring/coordination. This includes the specific expectations of the Person-Centered Informed Choice and Transition Protocols.